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DISCUS Fish Photos

English: a fish of the genus Symphysodon
A fish of the genus Symphysodon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you want to create a show fish tank and are undecided as to which species of fish to include in it, just take a look at some discus fish photos and I assure you, the type fish to show off will no longer be a concern. You can find an abundance of photos online real easy by just doing a simple search for the type of photos of interest. You'll see an assortment of species, various sizes, and color. Not all, but a great number of photos online are for commercial advertisement purposes. As promotional tools, professional breeders, use these photos to develop their business, which works well for them, after all this is how they make a living. But you can find quite a few other sites were breeders or people who just share the same hobby.

Now that we have settled the choice difficulty issue, looking at these fish photos can be useful in other ways, for instance. Owners may notice some irregularities going on with their fish. They seem to look unhealthy or have developed some kind of bodily changes. A comparison of the photos to your fish may help you to pinpoint any abnormalities that may be affecting your pets. For instance certain white spots on the body of the fish, a common parasite that can be easily identified using discus fish images. Just think, what a cost-saving asset for you these photos could be, especially with the high cost of veterinarians' services and a life saving one for your pet.

Quality is always important, especially when choosing a good reference book or guide. Scientific data description manuals or guides without relevant discus fish photos to compare would not be the first choice to buy as it only seems to keep you in the realm of the abstract. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find large private collections or exhibitions of discus fish. Discus fish are quite unique in being among the wide life creatures that can live happily in captivity.

As mentioned earlier, fans of discus fish can quickly and easily upload or download free photos from various web pages and forums. Equally available to buy are entire galleries devoted to these magnificent creatures. Many professionally done discus fish photos, which I hear, is quite a lucrative business, may even be sold to special wildlife magazines. However, taking discus fish photos in the wild is another subject in itself.

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