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Sexy Shrimp and Pistol Shrimp For NANO AQUARIUMS

Nano aquariums do have quite a following within the marine aquarium hobby for a number of reasons. Some people find them challenging as such small aquariums are usually tricky when it comes to stability. Others just don't have the space or don't want the hassle of a large aquarium. The definition of what a nano tank actually is seems to vary from person to person. In the interest of defining the size of the tank, let us just assume a nano is any aquarium within 5 to 20 gallons.

Cryptocentrus cinctus and Alpheus bellulus
Cryptocentrus cinctus and Alpheus bellulus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the whole, nano aquariums do have the advantage of being much cheaper to run and maintain compared larger aquariums. This is not to say they cannot cost a whole lot as there many top brand equipment one can buy for a nano that will run into the hundreds of dollars. With confined space, comes very limited types of shrimp and fishes one can keep. There are a number of species well suited for life in such cramped quarters.

Sexy Shrimp
The tiny Sexy Shrimp (Thor Amboinensis) is perfectly suited for aquarium as small as 5 gallons. They only reach a total length of about three quarters of an inch and are absolutely tiny. They can be kept in groups and are a joy to watch as they roam around the tank grazing. They have been known to consume some corals so always keep them well fed to avoid this kind of behavior.

Pistol Shrimp Goby Pairs
Pistol shrimp and their symbiotic gobies can be housed in aquariums between ten and 20 gallons. It is wiser to go for smaller pistol shrimp like the Randalls pistol shrimp as this species normally obtains lengths of maybe an inch. Likewise, go for smaller types of gobies such as the high-fin gobies or Yasha gobies.

Either way, choosing a Sexy Shrimp or a Pistol Shrimp are pretty good choices but it is important to remember not to mix these two in the same nano tank.

Pistol shrimp can pack quite a punch for their size and may be a danger to sexy shrimp should the little shrimp ever wander too close to the burrow of the pistol shrimp.