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English: Royal angelfish
Royal angelfish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is it true that Red Blushing angels are available?

It is an important fact that the pigment which is responsible actual red is not the same which is responsible for the bright red eyes or even reddish or orange crown seen in some angels.

Two factors are responsible for the appearance of these pigments on any angelfish. These two factors are generally inter-related. The first factor is genetics. Because, without the genetic makeup, no angelfish can have color. So, no Black angel can convert into the red. Again, there are certain colors which can show only in the presence of certain genes.

Red spotting can be seen on certain wild angelfish which seem like real red pigment. So it is possible that the red pigment visible in red blushing angelfish is really red but there may remain a certain question about its source.

What is the ideal pH level?

Caring for angelfish can be a pleasurable yet daunting task. You need to maintain perfect condition for keeping your fish healthy. One important aspect of angelfish care is to maintain the perfect pH level in the tank water. If you plan to raise and breed wild angelfish then it will be good if you provide them softer acid water. But be careful not to fluctuate the pH level of the water. Generally, 8.5 pH and 250 ppm hardness are considered to be the best.

What is the average age of angelfish?

The longevity of angelfish depends on the way you take care of them. Angelfish are cold-blooded creatures and therefore, their lifespan depends on the temperature of the water. High temperature burns more calories and exhausts them very quickly. Again, if you provide the right temperature then they will definitely live for 10-12 years. For this, it is good to keep the water temperature in the mid-seventies.

Should the Angelfish Tank Remain Bare?

If you are having your angelfish tank for show purpose then you can go for gravel instead of keeping your tank bare. However, if you are interested in breeding then gravels are not recommended. If you have a tank with angelfish fry then you must keep the bottom bare. This will prevent the fry food from falling into the gravel.

How to differentiate the female angelfish from the male angelfish?

It is very difficult to differentiate male angelfish from the female ones when they are young. However, with age, there come certain differences which you may be able to notice if monitored carefully. First of all, examine the breeding tube of the fish. The female's tube is wider compared to the male. Apart from that, some male angelfish possess a hump on their crown. Moreover, the males are a little larger in size than the females. Again, the female fish will normally have an almost 100°-110° angle created formed by the forward edge of the belly and the anal fin.

    By Chintamani Abhyankar
    Chintamani Abhyankar is an angelfish enthusiast and has been raising and breeding angelfish for many years. He is an expert on their care and an advocate for raising healthy angelfish the natural way.
    Article Source: EzineArticles