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Aqua End Table Aquarium
Photo  by Wicker Paradise 
One of the most attractive conversation pieces that you can really have in your own home is an aquarium. Many satisfied aquarium owners have already discovered the almost magical drawing power that these displays can have on even the most cynical, "seen it all" people. It seems that no matter how world-weary, or tired or stressed out you are, the glorious sight of a tank full of vibrantly colored tropical fish is enough to instantly whisk you away into a mystical underwater world where the world's cares, no matter how urgent or pressing just don't seem to matter very much. Honestly now: who can normally resist the charms of several finned beauties traversing the gentle currents concerned only with their own slow and gentle progress? Even just a few minutes spent in front of an aquarium and your eyes glaze over leaving you far more serene and composed than you were before.

As awesome a sight as a home aquarium system is we are as human beings by nature a picky and hard to please a lot, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon things whether it be visually or in terms of functionality. It is wholly understandable therefore that even with an already magnificent display of aquatic creatures in our midst our mind is constantly searching for ways to enhance what is by most accounts already a great thing. It is not uncommon for many home aquarium owners to be deeply into another perhaps less glamorous but certainly no less rewarding hobby: perusing online and printed catalogs of aquarium decorations! I am just kidding of course, but given the passion, fervor and dare I say it, an obsession that some people approach this pursuit, it may as well be its own separate undertaking given the amount of time and money that they spend on it. All this is hopefully not wasted time however as at the end of the road, you can only end up with an aquarium display that is even more magnificent and awe-inspiring than you first planned it to be.

Even if you just take a cursory glance at a typical online aquarium supply website, you may well find yourself being slightly overwhelmed by the amount of aquarium decoration options that are available out in the market today. Many people who have been confronted by this staggering wealth of options will often take the easy way out and merely settle for the obligatory rectangular aquarium. That will do fine for an ordinary aquarium but you did have something more special in mind for you, right? If that is the case you may want to check out the Ocean Treasures Collection Ancient Egypt Aquarium. With a motif that is heavily inspired by early Egyptian civilization artifacts, this unique aquarium is truly a showstopper and just may garner more attention than the fish contained therein! The product's exclusive "dry tube technology" works to conceal all electrical cords and ensure that nothing distracts from the beauty of your water masterpiece.


Know The Different Types of AQUARIUM ROCKS

Having an aquarium filled with colorful fishes provides a good dácor in your home or office. What is even better is that it doesn't only serve as a decoration to brighten up a room, it is also a therapeutic tool that helps lighten up the mood.

Studies suggest that aquariums reduce stress and calm down the nerves. By watching the fishes swim, eat, and play, you can significantly decrease your stress and anxiety. Even people who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease can benefit from aquariums.

But before you buy your aquarium and fill it with different fishes and decorative rocks and plants, you must know that there are a good number of choices you can choose from. In choosing aquarium rocks, you should know which types are safe to use in an aquarium.

Three Major Types of Rocks

Igneous Rocks

These type of rocks are decorative but offer no other benefits. There are acidic, intermediate, and basic igneous rocks. A lot of these rocks are non-porous and suitable for use in the aquarium.
Meanwhile, weathered igneous rocks are porous and soak up water, becoming weathered and spongy. They take up potential pollutants from their environment and release them slowly into the aquarium.
It is advisable to opt for water-worn specimens or fresh rocks that have no sharp edges. It is not ideal to use igneous rocks that are highly mineralised with iron and other minerals.

Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks came from deposited layers of sands and silts. Their composition varies on the material that bound the deposit together like lime, quartz, and mud. There are two types of Sedimentary rocks: the sandstones and the limestones.

They are both considered decorative. But like, Igneous rocks, choose non-porous, quartz-based sandstones for a freshwater aquarium. Limestones, on the other hand, are ideal for a marine aquarium.

Metamorphic Rocks
These rocks are formed from the igneous and sedimentary rocks, by pressure and heat. The most common metamorphic rocks are marble, dolomite, and slate. Marble is ideal for aquariums that require high pH. It has a good buffering property and is also used as an eco-friendly alternative to coral rubble or coral sand. Dolomite is good for alkaline environment. Lastly, slate is good to use as flat surfaces for spawning.

Choosing the right type of rocks, plants, and ornaments for certain species of fish can be hard especially if you are buying an aquarium for the first time. It is advisable to do research, read articles, and seek the help of professionals. Ensure that you source your fish and aquarium supplies from a reputable provider.

    By Thalia Marquez
    Whether you are buying an aquarium for the first time or doing it as a hobby, it is important to be cautious. Learn more about responsible fish-keeping on this site.
    Article Source: EzineArticles