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Colorful BALTIMORE AQUARIUM - A Must-See Scenic Spot for Tourists in Baltimore

English: National Aquarium In Baltimore
National Aquarium In Baltimore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The National Aquarium is the public aquarium which was founded in the year 1981. The National Aquarium is located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. The aquarium receives around 1.6 million people every year. The aquarium has a collection of 16,500 specimens of over 600 different species.

This is the most popular tourist attractions in Baltimore. This is one of the biggest aquariums located in the United States. The Aquarium is crowded on the weekends and holidays. The aquarium provides a dolphin show which is a favorite event for the children as well as the adults. The other popular event in Aquarium is the 4-D immersion theater. You can get the aquarium tickets with or without the two shows.

There are several exhibits in Aquarium such as:

  • Jellies invasion
  • Our ocean planet - new dolphin show
  • 4 D immersion theater
  • Animal planet Australia

Prior planning is required for visiting the National Aquarium. The aquarium offers several shows and events and hence the aquarium is always busy. Reserve your tickets during weekends and holidays. There are animals from different spices such as Australian animals, Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles.

The animals in the aquarium are unique and children enjoy watching the animals. The exhibits of the aquarium began with small local animals but later the visitors are surprised with sharks, rays, and very large creatures. The hours and price for the shows get vary according to the weather and season.

The admission fee for an adult to the aquarium is segmented as total experience package dolphin show package and aquarium admission. The total experience packages fee for adult is $29.95 for the age group of 12 to 59. The senior citizens are admitted with a fee of $28.95. The children from the age of 3 to 12 are charged a fee of $24.95. (Please check here for newer information)



The Baltimore Aquarium, opened in 1981, is world-famous, and is Baltimore's leading tourist attraction. Built on the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium is located within a triangular glass building that is a Baltimore landmark. The Aquarium provides cultural, recreational, and educational experiences that meet the needs of various communities. The aquarium is a major factor in the economic revival of the region; it has created jobs and demonstrated a viable model of business profitability. 

National Aquarium, Baltimore, USA
National Aquarium, Baltimore, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Aquarium blends naturalistic exhibitions with the most modern interpretive techniques, enthralling visitors by highlighting the beauty of the aquatic world and soliciting an emotional response in visitors, and the awareness that all of us have a responsibility towards the environment.
Exhibits create a natural-looking environment for all varieties of species. Specimens are carefully selected, and explain biological concepts in an interesting and accurate way. 

The collections have a representation from diverse worldwide habitats. The exhibits start with samples of marine life from local waters, followed by eye-to-eye views of sharks, dolphins, rays, stingrays, sea turtles, bullfrogs, phytoplankton, iguanas, puffins, poison dart frogs, and other tropical fish among the more than 10,500 creatures in naturalistic exhibits, including a simulated rainforest ecosystem, and regularly scheduled dolphin shows. 

The admission charge is a bit expensive and there is often a long wait to get in, but the visit is worth it. Even disabled people can visit the aquarium through a separate entry.

Of all the aquariums of the country, the Baltimore Aquarium is rated No. 2 with the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California at No. 1. The Zagat score rates the Baltimore aquarium at 26, the Camden Yards are rated at 25; the Maryland Science Center is at 24; the Baltimore Zoo is at 23 and the American Visionary Art Museum is at 22. The Baltimore Aquarium is also available for rent; it's an ideal place for corporate events, banquets, and special celebrations. Whatever the reason for the visit, the Baltimore Aquarium is sure to win everybody's heart.

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