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Colorful BALTIMORE AQUARIUM - A Must-See Scenic Spot for Tourists in Baltimore

English: National Aquarium In Baltimore
National Aquarium In Baltimore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The National Aquarium is the public aquarium which was founded in the year 1981. The National Aquarium is located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. The aquarium receives around 1.6 million people every year. The aquarium has a collection of 16,500 specimens of over 600 different species.

This is the most popular tourist attractions in Baltimore. This is one of the biggest aquariums located in the United States. The Aquarium is crowded on the weekends and holidays. The aquarium provides a dolphin show which is a favorite event for the children as well as the adults. The other popular event in Aquarium is the 4-D immersion theater. You can get the aquarium tickets with or without the two shows.

There are several exhibits in Aquarium such as:

  • Jellies invasion
  • Our ocean planet - new dolphin show
  • 4 D immersion theater
  • Animal planet Australia

Prior planning is required for visiting the National Aquarium. The aquarium offers several shows and events and hence the aquarium is always busy. Reserve your tickets during weekends and holidays. There are animals from different spices such as Australian animals, Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles.

The animals in the aquarium are unique and children enjoy watching the animals. The exhibits of the aquarium began with small local animals but later the visitors are surprised with sharks, rays, and very large creatures. The hours and price for the shows get vary according to the weather and season.

The admission fee for an adult to the aquarium is segmented as total experience package dolphin show package and aquarium admission. The total experience packages fee for adult is $29.95 for the age group of 12 to 59. The senior citizens are admitted with a fee of $28.95. The children from the age of 3 to 12 are charged a fee of $24.95. (Please check here for newer information)


SEATLLE AQUARIUM Featured Advantage

Seattle Aquarium, Pier 59, Seattle, Washington...
Seattle Aquarium, Pier 59, Seattle, Washington. The building has a city landmark status.
(Photo credit: 
Seattle Aquarium’s goal is to inspire people regarding marine environment conservation. They provide education regarding marine preservations and handling as an exciting adventure and a more fun discovery about the extraordinary Puget Sound. 

Seattle Aquarium is under the support of a non-profitable organization promoting interests on aquarium hobbies, which provides interactions of information from aquarium hobbyists.

Seattle Aquarium provides a map of the marine sanctuary they are maintaining. Visiting Seattle Aquarium is the best destination for educators, parents, kids and visitors from other places searching for undersea information. You can see and enjoy real marine life adventures through availing of their specialized teachers' programs, field trip events and opportunities and other marine resources. Everyone enables to learn so that their knowledge can be shared with more people cultivating their awareness about protecting the marine environment.

They provide animal guides through their educator’s presentations about the life activities of particular sea creatures such as their looks or eating behaviors. Everybody could ask questions and get the right answers for them.

Seattle Aquarium is an ideal place for marine science camps. They are offering either a full or a half-day camp programs for children ages six to twelve years old held during summer, spring or winter school breaks. Parents could find the right camping programs appropriate for their children’s interest in marine life.

Seattle Aquarium does their best to incorporate knowledge on people interested in the marine world providing different opportunities for learning such as art contents for kids, aquarium classes or giving resources and workshops for teachers. They are also offering programs suitable for parents and children giving them the chance to explore and learn about marine life.

Your visit to Seattle Aquarium is well compensated. You can become a member to get an unlimited admission while supporting the Seattle Aquarium mission. Their admission fees are amazing and whether you regularly visit Seattle Aquarium, you can always find something new to explore because their exhibits are changing constantly. Seattle Aquarium has gift shops stores where you can find high-quality products and books for enhancing your experiences regarding aquariums.

Seattle Aquarium focus is to stay green and clean by using energy efficient electricity, choosing biodegradable cleaning supplies, feeding animals with sustainable foods and using building practices which are environmental friendly when building new aquariums and exhibits.

Seattle Aquarium’s associations together with other organizations are keeping the conservation moving for maintaining a clean and green environment even in the future.



Tidepool Plaza at Birch Aquarium.JPG
"Tidepool Plaza at Birch Aquarium" Licensed via Wikimedia Commons.

Smaller and more intimate than other aquariums, the Birch Aquarium is one place where you can get close to all of the animals, and still take your time to simply enjoy being there.

Due to its intimacy, adults and children alike are energized by the aquarium.  You can watch an octopus flow up and down the glass, or watch a jellyfish move slowly through the water.  This is an excellent thrill, for everyone in your family.

The most popular exhibit at the Birch Aquarium is the seahorse exhibit.  It offers many different species, from the tiny miniature seahorses that are under an inch tall, to the taller and more amazing sea dragons.

The many interactive exhibits at the aquarium will help you learn the history of oceanography.  By taking a simulated trip in a deepwater submersible, you'll learn the wonders and oddities of the deep ocean, even though it may move a bit too slow for smaller children.  Children of all ages enjoy the exhibits that illustrate how the ocean products appear in everyday items.

If you are planning to take pictures of the exhibits, be aware of the glass and the reflections.  If you can, move in close (around a foot away) and set your flash to a 45-degree angle.  Make sure that you don't get too wrapped up in taking photo's inside the aquarium - as you may end up missing the show going on outside.

If you are visiting La Jolla as a vacation or if you live there, the Birch Aquarium is worth a visit.  There are some amazing exhibits here, with something for everyone.  You can spend hours and hours here, making it one place you shouldn't hesitate to check out.


Experience a Great Weekend Adventure at the LONG BEACH AQUARIUM - AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC

English: Outside of the Aquarium of the Pacifi...
Outside of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The great aquarium of the Pacific is located in one of the cities of California – the Long Beach. It is considered one of the biggest aquariums in the entire United States. It has an estimated 1,000 species, 19 main habitats and about 32 focus exhibits. When you visit Long Beach and witness the aquarium, it is as if you are in the three regions of the Pacific Ocean at the same time. These regions are the Southern California or the Baja, Northern Pacific and the Tropical Pacific. 

The Long Beach aquarium has a height of 156,735 ft. It has a sweeping, wave-like and curving architecture which is intended to imitate the ocean. It has more than 12,000 marine animals with the inclusion of five classes of whales, dolphins, rays, eleven classes of sharks, and skates such as the manta rays, birds, sea turtles, bears, and over 10,000 mussels. It also has natural exhibit accessories and more than 10,000 individual and artificial coral which represent 58 different species of coral.

The aquarium itself gives the scene trips where anyone can dive into the world of the underwater and witness the virgin places in this Aquarium and feed some of the animals. All of the visitors in the Aquarium are encouraged to witness animal feedings and also learn everything about animals and some of the environmental issues presented in a habitat showcase. 

The Long Beach Aquarium can be found at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach City, California. It is easy to get there when you have a car you can just park it on the Shoreline Drive located in between Aquarium Way and Chestnut Palace. The parking fee in the Aquarium is only $6 especially if you present a stub of the Aquarium ticket.

Visiting the Aquarium will provide total fun since you can make the trip by taking the Aquabus, a harbor shuttle which connects the Catalina Express, Catalina Landing and the Coastal Hotel.

The Long Beach Aquarium is open every day except on Christmas Day.

The Aquarium is a great destination for a weekend escapade. So, never hesitate to experience the wonders and beauty of marine life in the Long Beach Aquarium. 


The BOSTON AQUARIUM SOCIETY - New England Aquarium Boston

The New England Aquarium, located on the Harbo...
The New England Aquarium, located on the Harborwalk, Boston MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, U.S.A. and the largest city in New England. It has been described as “a state of mind almost entirely surrounded by water”, this is because almost all parts of Boston is water.

A society has also risen from Boston. A specific society that was founded in 1916 is called Boston Aquarium Society. It is the longest running and the second oldest aquarium club in the entire planet today.

The Boston Aquarium Society is focused more on the interests and knowledge that can be taken from the activities made especially for the members of the society. If you want to be a member of the Boston Aquarium Society, you need to stay in this particular society for a long period of time. The society will encourage you to stay longer so you will go out full of knowledge and new ideas. The society has many activities like plant and fish growing projects which allow placing an aquarium in most of the classrooms. If you are an aquarium hobbyist, you will truly enjoy the affordable activities of the Boston Aquarium Society.

A Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) at the New E...
A Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) at the New England Aquarium.
(Photo credit: 
In Boston Aquarium Society, every member is involved in all the activities and all aspect in growing marine plants and breeding fishes in many ponds. Some members are even members of many associations related to the preservation of marine life. Some members also write about the Boston Aquarium Society in national magazines and newspapers. Aside from being a part of some organizations, Boston Aquarium Society is also a member of The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies.
Boston Aquarium Society is also focused on giving advanced knowledge to all the members. The members are allowed to donate any type of fish breed, plants, time and knowledge to the society. The society uses these particular donations for the students that visit the place for the educational tour. This will encourage more kids to make some of the activities in the Boston Aquarium Society as a hobby.

They also build programs, seminar and workshops with highly respected and well-educated speaker that can teach you plenty of new ways to improve your knowledge about fishes and other marine creatures. They are more than willing to share their knowledge by giving the members the knowledge they need to learn.

So if you want to improve your knowledge about fishes and other aquatic creatures, be a member of the Boston Aquarium Society. The information you need is just within your reach.


MYSTIC AQUARIUM: An Oasis of Wonderful Sea Creatures

Mystic Aquarium
Photo  by bunnygoth 
If you are one of the people who love visiting the place called Mystic Aquarium, you will surely enjoy the new Mystic Aquarium that had opened in the early spring last year 1998. There are plenty of renovations made and was made perfect for all those who love aquamarine life. Aside from all the renovations made, the visitors will now enjoy more than 3.500 new specimens of marine life coming from around the world. There are 200 species of different kinds and more than 34 exhibits that you can truly enjoy.  

The famous “island of life” which is Ocean Planet Pavilion has also improved. With new graphics and layout, you will not only enjoy the majestic scene but you will be amazed at how these spectacular facilities are made. You will see four exhibits that feature all forms of marine life. 

The river in this particular area carries 400 million tons of organic materials used as a habitat that supports different forms of marine life. You will also like this particular site as it appears to be real especially if birds are around. Children and adult are able to get close to marine creatures such as sea horses, crabs, mudskippers, octopus and many more famous aquatic living things. 

You will also love the coral reefs found underwater. This is one of the favorite attractions. Almost 28 foot and 30,000 gallon of a tank is the habitat for different types of fishes swimming around the brightly colored coral reefs. The reefs may appear to be real. Many are fascinated upon knowing that these coral reefs are only artificial. 

You will also find coral polyps under the water scene. These are small and soft-bodied animals living in colonies. They are made up of calcium carbonate and in a longer period of time, it grows bigger and bigger forming shapes. They are called coral reefs. 

It also serves as an educational venue for students. Mostly, it is visited by many students for educational tours and research. With plenty of species, the student will be in touch with all the marine creatures from around the world. They do not need to go to different places on the planet to appreciate them. 

If you are curious about the place, visit it now and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to get close with all the marine creatures from around the world. You will miss half of your life if you do not move now. 


The SHEDD AQUARIUM in Chicago -Truly a Magical One

English: John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Il...
John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.
(Photo credit: 
There are lots of amazing places you can visit in the United States. From the west coast to the east coast, you will find all the spots that can bring joy to your naked eye. The federal government of the United States strictly maintains its national parks, historical spots, amusement parks, etc. for the people and foreign visitors to enjoy it.

In every state, you have lots of options where to visit its heart-pumping sceneries. But, if you’re into the water or marine life scenery and actually don’t want to be in the water either, you should go to the city of Chicago.

Chicago in the state of Illinois is far from the coastal United States. Even though Lake Michigan gives a nice background for the city all year round, but you can’t hardly call it a sea or an ocean. Still, the city of Chicago keeps something like to the ocean that is close to home.

Chicago, popularly known as the “Windy City” is the home of the world’s largest indoor aquarium and it’s the Shedd Aquarium. The Shedd Aquarium is actually a gift of the late John G. Shedd to the city of Chicago, hence the name. After the Aquarium was finally completed and opened in 1930, although he never lived to see it, the Shedd Aquarium has sought to inform the general public about the marine world and for its preservation.

Inside the vast Aquarium and Oceanarium, you will find to a close of 8,000 marine animals that represents 650 species of reptiles, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, mammals, and birds from the waters around the globe. The Aquarium contains over 1.5 million gallons of water while the Oceanarium contains to a close of 3 million gallons of water so it’s like you’re under the ocean water.

Looking at the Oceanarium, you will find all the Pacific inhabitants, from beluga whales, white-sided dolphins, Alaskan sea otters and seals, to penguins. Watching these mammals in a recreated Pacific coastal surrounding is fun. While in the Aquarium, the 90,000-gallon Caribbean-like Reef in the central part shows a wide range of aquatic mammals that include sea turtles, sharks, and to more than 250 species of tropical Caribbean animals.

If you wish to visit, the Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium is open to all from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and selected holidays. If Memorial Day and Labor Day fall on weekdays, it’s open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. only. The place charge adults for $11, $9 to children ages 3-11 and free to children under the age of 3.

Access to both the Oceanarium and Aquarium on Mondays charge adults $6, $5 to children ages 3-11 and seniors and is free to ages under 3. Entrance to the Aquarium only is free on Mondays.



Newport Aquarium.jpg
"Newport Aquarium". Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

If you are planning to spend at least a day of vacation with your kids or with your friends, places that will pop out of your mind are the amusement parks, zoos, and ecological sites. Doing a picnic is much better if done in parks or somewhere close to nature. For sure you will be looking for an ambiance that is relaxing and something psychologically therapeutic.

In the country, there are many parks that you may visit. From zoos to eco-parks, aquarium, amusements parks, etc. During summer, nothing can ever turn down the idea of having a stroll to zoos and aquariums. Aquarium parks these days are very much visited by many because of the atmosphere in the place. The sound of the water and other animals are soothing to the ear and carry a relieving factor.

There are many aquarium parks in the United States and one of those is the Newport Aquarium. The Newport Aquarium is located at Newport Kentucky. It was dubbed as the number one aquarium in the Midwest. The place is a two-minute ride from downtown Cincinnati and Ohio. It has a sister aquarium that is located in New Jersey: The Adventure Aquarium. Adventure Aquarium is exactly situated on the Camden Waterfront, Camden, New Jersey. The Newport Aquarium is a member of an association known as The American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

Newport Aquarium has housed more than 7,000 marine creatures that can be found around the world. This facility holds water on a million-gallon scale. Sweet Pea is the most popular sea creature in this place. Named after the favorite Popeye show, Sweet Pea is shark rays. It is one of the few shark rays around the world.

The design of the facility is amazingly conceptualized to fit everyone’s taste. They have created underwater tunnels where one may pass as he overlooks a shark. There are also see-thru floors. There you are just a couple of inches away from the water. You can also see exhibits in any corner of the facility.

The underwater water tunnels on this facility are one of the few in the whole world that are considered seamless. The tunnel runs about 200 feet across the facility. There is also man-made rain forest in the park, coral reefs, shark feeding grounds, etc.

The Newport Aquarium is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the summer they have extended visiting hours that is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays until Friday and on the Saturdays 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ticket costs $17.95 for adults, $15.95 for seniors and $10.95 for children.

There are restrictions and rules that are implemented inside the aquarium. All you have to do is follow it to avoid being reprimanded or subjected to fine.



Tennessee Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tennessee Aquarium is a landmark found in Chattanooga Tennessee. Well, this is an amazing spot visited by people who are aquariums enthusiast enjoying the exploration of marine species.

People who visited the Tennessee Aquarium provided their reviews so that other people can learn about what to expect, see or explore.

• Tennessee Aquarium has incorporated artistic exhibits to encourage people of any age. It gives appeal to everyone and ignites curiosity to explore the entire place.

• Freshwater exhibits are awesome. Newly added saltwater exhibits are spectacular displaying all creatures living in salt water including all sharks’ varieties.

• RiverWalk is a concrete walkway located on the top of the Tennessee River shore waters without railings giving an ultimate walking experience to visitors.

• Tennessee Aquarium is adjacent to the Bijou Movie Theater and IMAX Theater giving another entertainment option to visitors and travelers.

• Tennessee Aquarium has knowledgeable and excellent staff ready to answer all the questions given by travelers and visitors. The staff includes children and adults in their learning activities which they enjoy doing. The staff professionalism is observed giving the same warm welcome to visitors even during the last minute before closing time.

• Tennessee Aquarium is a very neat place to visit however the booth for buying tickets are not covered and the Aquarium gets easily crowded so sometimes time is wasted waiting to see the exhibits.

• Tennessee Aquarium’s one of the visitor’s favorite is the seahorse's exhibit. You need to have at least two hours to spend watching all the exhibits including divers cleaning the aquarium windows and swimming together with sharks and stingrays.

• Tennessee Aquariums have natural habitats for different animals with two living forests seen under glass that the children and adults love to enjoy watching.

• Tennessee Aquariums has incorporated many varieties of interesting fishes, which are fun to observe.

• Tennessee Aquarium is an amazing place to visit having beautiful views, good presentations, nice buildings, and knowledgeable employees however the only disaster experienced by visitors are their bathrooms.

• Tennessee Aquariums has incorporated an amazing architectural aesthetics having a beautiful landscaping of underwater sea environment, river, lake, and pond natural habitats, which they rank as one of the best aquariums in the world to visit.

Having a real-life marine adventure is an interesting activity that anybody could experience. Tennessee Aquarium surely offers the best scenery and adventure.


Amazing Facts About SHEDD AQUARIUM

The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Deutsch...
The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are going to visit Chicago, you got to experience visiting the icon and leader in aquarium and zoo profession - Shedd Aquarium.

Shedd aquarium was made possible by John G. Shedd wherein he envisioned it to be one of the grandest aquariums in Chicago and was officially opened on May 30, 1930, which became one of Chicago’s historic landmarks.

Shedd aquarium success lies in its founder’s leadership about shaping the future and followers incorporated by collaborative, supportive, strong, inquisitive, creative, energetic and persistent outlook.

Shedd Aquarium primary goal is to give information, inspiration and entertainment to people interested in animals, their habitat and relations to humans. They are promoting animal conservation, provides teaching and learning resources and support global environmental awareness.

Shedd Aquarium’s mission is to let animals connect people into the living world giving inspiration by starting to make a difference. They educate people in a more interesting way of having stewards with a dedication to caring for animals and people.

Shedd Aquarium is supporting global programs regarding conservations. They are also the first aquarium to have an educational department, a textbook itself exploring life and expanding horizons about the animals in their sanctuary taught by their cool teachers within classes.

Shedd Aquarium is a sanctuary with different animal species that people could explore and learn about. They provide itineraries for visitors regarding Shedd Aquarium explorations through their sitemaps.

You cannot tour the entire Shedd Aquarium in just a day so instead join their membership to visit it often. Some foundations offer discount days upon visiting Shedd Aquarium giving free general admissions.

There is no problem with visiting the Shedd Aquarium because:

-Lockers, which are coin-operated, are available for storing coats however they are not responsible for luggage or package that does not fit into the lockers.

-Picture takings of animals are allowed by only turning off the flash for comfort and safety purposes. Tripods are not allowed as well as taking pictures in restaurants and Oceanarium.

-A handicapped parking area is available but wheelchairs can be rented on a first come first basis only.

-A nursing area is also available. You can either eat at Dining at Shedd or simply carry a bag lunch where you can eat on the tables and chairs located in vending areas.

The best time to visit Shedd Aquarium is to arrive early or on Sunday mornings because it is least crowded. Shedd is a popular place and can easily get crowded during summer, weekends or holidays. Explore and have fun.


SEAWORLD SAN DIEGO Review - A Look at Some of the Must-See Attractions and Shows

San Diego Sea World.JPG
"San Diego Sea World" Photo:  Wikimedia Commons.

If you're planning a SeaWorld San Diego vacation, you should preorder your tickets online so that you won't have to stand in line all day. The tickets are actually available at a discount price on the internet, so you'll be saving money anyway. All of the shows, aquariums, rides, and exhibits are included with park admission.

You really can't go wrong with a SeaWorld vacation in sunny California. Whether you simply want to view a few of the exotic sea animals or want to go all out with a guided tour and interaction program, you'll have an unforgettable experience.

In this SeaWorld San Diego review, let's go over a few of the must-see attractions and shows.

Riptide Rescue
Climb aboard the rafts of Riptide Rescue and get an idea of what it's like to go on a sea turtle rescue mission. Just like a real rescue, you'll be in for a wild ride. If you decide to go on this ride, you must either secure all of your loose items or place them in a locker. You don't want to end up losing something in the middle of the wild ride!

Shamu Rocks
Why go back to your hotel early when you can party the night away with Shamu? This show has a lot of flashes - and splash - and tourists enjoy every second of it. The show is a combination of killer whale acrobatics with breathtaking special effects. The killer whales perform impressive tricks with rock music playing in the background.

Penguin Encounter
Even if the park is located in sunny San Diego, there is still a spot dedicated to penguins. The temperature is kept at really cold levels so that the penguins can be comfortable. There are nearly 300 penguins of all sizes for you to see. The population includes different types of penguins including regal emperors, adelies, macaronis, and gentoos.

Dolphin Point
Here's your chance to touch and feed bottlenose dolphins. Observe their movements from just a few feet away. Dolphin Point is also the home of sea otters. There is a dolphin interaction program available, although it costs additional money. It can be a very educational experience for children and adults alike.

These are just a few examples of the many exciting things to experience at SeaWorld San Diego. If you plan on staying for more than one day, you can choose from 14 partner hotels. A Silver Pass is ideal if you want to make multiple visits for the rest of the season.

Hopefully, this SeaWorld San Diego review gave you some ideas of what you will want to do during your visit. There are plenty of other attractions, shows, and exhibits to check out. You can also find a variety of restaurants and shops. Always look online for SeaWorld coupons before you go.



New York Aquarium by David Shankbone, New York...
New York Aquarium by David Shankbone, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This aquarium is located in Brooklyn. The aquarium contains more than eight thousand aquamarine animals. The more attractive part of this aquarium is its design, which allows the visitors to watch the animals swim in the large aquarium. The purpose aquarium is to educate the visitors about different aquamarine species and also to promote the message of preserving the ocean wildlife.

The first New York Aquarium was built in Battery Park, which was shut down in 1941on the suggestion of Robert Moses that the construction of a tunnel from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn will affect the Castle Clinton's foundation. The animals were then moved to the Bronx Zee. The new aquarium was opened after the Second World War on June 6, 1957, in Coney Island.

The aquarium is located over an area of 14 acres. There are more than 350 species of animals kept in the aquarium. It also has a famous research center named, Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS).

The Aquarium
New York Aquarium has many different types of ocean life for the exhibition. At the entrance of the Aquarium, a map is given for the convenience of visitors to locate different sections easily.

Feedings and Demonstrations
Visitors can see the staff while feeding the marine animals, such as walruses, sharks, and penguins. You can find feeding times posted in various location of the aquarium. Demonstration exhibition will allow the visitors to touch the skin of the shark.

Animal Enrichment
Special care is taken to improve the living conditions of the marine animals in the aquarium. This will enrich the visitors' visit to the aquarium.

The Aquatheater
Aquarium has an Aquatheater as well. This Aquatheater was open in 1995. You can watch the dolphin performance in this theater. Dolphin will perform different tricks to amuse the visitors. You just need to show the admission ticket and they will allow you to enter the theater.

Explore the Shore
This is feature is popular among the children. In Explore the Shore, the visitors will have a hand on experience with the tidal waves. The touch pool is the place where you explore the shore. The timing of touch pool from Monday to Thursday is 11a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday the timing for touch pool is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Friday and other holidays it remains closed.

Sea Cliffs
Sea Cliffs are the place where you can watch the walruses, sea otter and fur seals. Watching these creatures in Sea Cliff is a great fun. The staff also tells you some facts about these creatures.

These are the name given to two penguins in the aquarium. These penguins are the most attractive feature of New York Aquarium.

The Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride
The aquarium offers a submarine ride called "Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride". You need to buy a separate ticket to participate in the ride. This ride will take you to the bottom of the ocean.

The best feature of the aquarium is that it has a variety of marine animals. Whales, sharks, penguins, sea otter, fur seals, walruses, jellyfish, Beluga whales and many different types of fish.


The SHEDD AQUARIUM - Just One of the Great Attractions in Chicago

The Shedd Aquarium, as seen from the northwest...
The Shedd Aquarium, as seen from the northwest in the early dawn light.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a long stretch of stressful months of work, everyone deserves a break. This coming summer gives us all the opportunity to relax, unwind and spend quality time with our family. Have you found the perfect place where you can spend your vacation? If you are tired of the familiar malls and conventional amusement parks and picnics at the beach then here's a place that will definitely provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that both you and the kids can enjoy: Chicago. There are so many Chicago attractions that will surely prove to be amazing and fun!

There are attractions carefully selected as some of the most popular and the most famous places in the world. Chicago is not just known for its skyscrapers, but also for its museums and aquariums.

The Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science & OMNIMAX, Field Museum & Underground River, John Hancock Observatory, and Adler Planetarium are five of the many famous attractions in Chicago.

So if you happen to be planning to go to Chicago this year or still figuring out where to take the whole family to enjoy a fun-filled vacation, go and visit the world-famous Shedd Aquarium. As you may not know, aside for other tourist spots in Chicago, the Shedd is one of the windy city's pride. This is because it has a wide collection of animals that are rarely seen in the entire world today.

The aquarium holds a large and impressive collection of 32,500 different species of animals that are rarely seen in the environment. This collection includes different sorts of animals that swim, crawl, slither or fly. It is home to a number of animals including otters, lizards, whales, dolphins, sea jellies, sea turtles and a wide assortment of fish and sharks. The entire family will surely be in for an amazing and educational surprise when visiting the Shedd Aquarium.

However, the animals aren't the only attractions of the Shedd. The aquarium also has other facilities such as the Soundings Restaurant and Bubblenet Food court that will fill the hungry tummies from a day long of marveling and adoration. Other highlights of the Shedd are the Oceanarium and the Wild Reef.

Aside from the awesome entertainment, the Shedd Aquarium gives it also does not fail to inspire. Through its natural form of beauty, it reminds tourists and visitors of the importance of mother nature and emphasizes responsible actions that we humans need to take. The Aquarium is a vital place for education, a conservation leader, neighborhood partner and a collaborator to the global efforts for world and wildlife preservation.

If for example, you keep on wondering and looking for the best gift you can give to your children this year, you don't have to look for it any longer. Visiting Chicago attractions will surely be the best gift you can give to your family. While you are in the windy city of Chicago never fail to list the Shedd as the No. 1 place to go to. It is where fun and love is shared and where memories are made.

    By Andy Seitz
    Heading to Chicago for a vacation could be a great vacation for you and your family. While you're there you'll want to be sure to visit some of the most popular Chicago attractions such as the Shedd Aquarium. It will be an experience you'll never forget!

    Article Source: EzineArticles



Rainbow above Maui Ocean Center in the Ma'alea Harbor
Photo  by maveric2003 
The ocean center has a huge aquarium that has water filtered into it from the Bay.  This aquarium is as real as it gets.  This tank has a tunnel that you can actually walk through.  This makes for great pictures.  You can get a picture of yourself standing face to face with a sand shark.  While walking through the tunnel, you will see sharks and rays, and tons of different types of fish.

The best thing about the tunnel is that you can see the underside of the creatures as they swim above you.  The tanks also boast a coral and tropical fish display that will amaze anyone.  The coral itself is breathtaking.  In fact, this coral collection is the largest of any aquarium in the world.

Another amazing display inside the aquarium is the giant cylinder columns of jellyfish.  They are several feet wide, and you can watch the jellyfish float above you.  The sight of these creatures is both terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time.

Next, you move along through the aquarium to the sea turtles tanks.  These sea turtles have been injured at some point in their lives and their stay at the aquarium is only a temporary one. They will be reintroduced back into their natural habitat once they have recovered.  This is my favorite exhibit in the aquarium. If you happen to visit during feeding time you can actually feed the turtles.  It's great to watch these huge docile creatures chomping happily on their lunch.

The ocean center also has an interactive display of whales, where visitors can learn about these giant mammals.  Whale watching is a big hobby in Hawaii.  There are several whale watching tours available.  Turtle Bay resort located on the north shore of Oahu boasts that during the winter you can actually see whales from your balcony.

The Maui Ocean Center is a perfect place for families to visit.  They offer a wide variety of exhibits for children that are both informative and exciting.  There is also a touch pond, where children can pick up some of the creatures and actually handle them.  They can see sea stars and sea urchins, as well as skates and rays.  Be careful when stroking rays, however, you should always stroke them from head to tail in order to avoid being stung by there tails.

No kid friendly aquarium would be complete without food.  The ocean center offers a cafĂ© where you can grab lunch.  They have light fare such as salads and sandwiches, and of course, ice cream.  Also, don't miss the great picture taking opportunities that the center has to offer.  Along the backside of the aquarium, there are some spectacular views of Ma'alaea Bay, and there is a dolphin statue located in the very front of the center that also makes for a great souvenir photo.


Chicago SHEDD AQUARIUM, Discover Teeming Life Under the Water

English: The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, viewed...
The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, viewed from the southeast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chicago Shedd Aquarium shed some light on the animals down under the water.

I love the ocean, and visiting is generally one of my favorite things to do. The best part about Chicago is that they have not only water but then I can see exactly what goes on under the water at the aquarium all around the world.

Here's what you can expect from a day at the Shedd Aquarium a fantastic exploration of the waters from the:

° Oceanarium, dolphin performances, sea otters and et.
° Caribbean Reef, sharks, jellyfish, the dangerous waters off the Caribbean coasts
° Amazon Alligators, snakes, spiders more amazing creatures
° The Wild Reef, showing eels more sharks, beautiful schools of various fish and much more

I love this place because this amazing Aquarium brings you face to face with some of the most amazing creatures.

One of my favorite visits I was with my husband and we were looking at these rocks which were about a foot or so from the glass all propped together, we were looking for any sign of life inside this particular tank when we noticed an eye looking at us from this small hole, about five inches around. I wasn't quite sure what eye was staring back at me. I quickly discovered that it was an octopus, the entire eight-foot octopus squeezed out of this tiny hole and filled the entire length of the glass in front of us! It was so amazing to see just how small they can make themselves and just how big they can get when they're fully stretched out. It almost seemed like a different creature!

The Chicago Shedd Aquarium really makes the underwater world come to life! Each exhibit makes it feel like you're really there!

It's an amazing place to take family friends or to even go alone. Plus they have discount days on occasion and delicious restaurants on site. It's really a lot of fun and quite an experience for the everyone.



Photo  by Storeyland 
Want to make sure your next family vacation is a real splash? Take your family for a cool and educational adventure at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Some people call aquariums "the new zoos" and without a doubt, they are some of the hottest lures. The recently opened Atlanta Aquarium was created to draw visitors to the city. Developed in part by the city of Atlanta, this titanic aquarium draws in travelers, who are then enticed to visit other destinations within the downtown entertainment zone.

The original idea for opening the Atlanta aquarium, also known as Georgia Aquarium, was developed by Bernie Marcus. In November 2001, Mr. Marcus announced his plans to donate the funds required to build an aquarium in downtown Atlanta.  From that idea, the Atlanta Aquarium was born.

The Atlanta Aquarium is a half-million square foot facility housing, more than 100,000 animals in 8 million gallons of fresh and salt water. From project groundbreaking to the grand opening, the entire construction process took only 27 months to complete. The Atlanta Aquarium is located on 9 acres of land adjacent to the Centennial Olympic Park in the downtown area.

When you visit the Atlanta Aquarium, you'll notice the unique appearance of the building's exterior. The facilities were designed to look like a giant ship breaking through a wave. As visitors move forward to the large atrium inside the building, they are led into the facility by "a wall of fish" guiding them inside. Once inside, guests are given the option to choose from five main galleries. Each gallery is easily distinguishable with a sign and icon at the entrance.

Take time to visit each of these fascinating galleries housed within the Atlanta Aquarium:

Cold Water Quest -- shows items covered in ice
Georgia Explorer -- identified by a light house
River Scout   -- displays a cascading waterfall
Ocean Voyager  -- offers a peephole into the huge habitat
Tropical Diver  -- with two video screens representing fish on a reef.

After visiting each exhibit, guests return to the main atrium to visit the next gallery.

Visitors to the Atlanta Aquarium will enjoy about 60 habitats through 12,000 square feet of viewing windows. The windows are made of a durable acrylic with a total weight of 328 tons. The largest of the habitats is a massive 263 feet long by 126 feet wide, with a depth of 33 feet. This giant carries 6.2 million gallons of water. This display, specially designed as a habitat for whale sharks, is also home to tens of thousands of other animals that commonly thrive amid coral reefs and open ocean waters.

As you continue to explore the Atlanta Aquarium, you'll find a 100-foot long tunnel and one of the world's largest aquarium windows, giving a glimpse into the whale shark habitat. The second of the largest habitats in the Atlanta Aquarium, it holds 800,000 gallons of water and was specifically developed to simulate the natural habitat of beluga whales.

Anyone with an interest in nature and oceanic life will marvel at the Atlanta Aquarium. Spend the day viewing 100 thousand creatures representing 500 species from around the globe living in over 8 million gallons of fresh and salt water. The Atlanta Aquarium is a true ocean jewel, right in the middle of Georgia.