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Take a Dive Into a Marine Wonderland - MELBOURNE AQUARIUM

Dive into a wonderland of underwater fun, while at the Melbourne Aquarium. Commonly known as MAQ to locals this wondrous attraction is the most recent addition to the school of aquariums in Australia as well as the most state-of-the-art.

Melbourne Aquarium view near the Queens Bridge
Melbourne Aquarium view near the Queens Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Melbourne Aquarium is home to over ten thousand exotic sea creatures and synonymous with the MAQ tagline, there is "Always Something New to Sea". Home to many beautiful animals, the main attractions of the Melbourne Aquarium's Underwater Zoo are the King & Bentoo Penguins and Broadnose Sevengill & Grey Nurse Sharks. Other splendid sea creatures include Weedy Seadragons, Big Bellied Seahorses, Eleven Armed Sea Stars, Green Moray Eels, Moon Jellies and much more.

This marine wonderland in Melbourne includes an array of activities for visitors. A truly amazing journey, the Melbourne Aquarium offers a complete interactive experience to visitors, both young and old. With group tours for every age and category be it a group, senior visitors, corporate tours, family tours or even glass bottom tours, MAQ has it all for you. If you prefer a more interactive, take a dive with the sharks and other marine creatures or even indulge in 'Hands on Activities'. The Melbourne Aquarium also offers educational programs for Kindergarten children and adults, such as "An Aquarist for a Day", "Smart Water", "A Watery World in your Classroom", "Melbourne Aquarium's Underwater Zoo IMAX adventure" and much more.

Apart from the interactive activities and educational programs, the Melbourne Aquarium Underwater Zoo has more to offer. Partake in the 360 degree Oceanarium filled with sharks stingrays and walk through the tunnels while viewing the live feeding session occurring twice a day. Also, indulge in the likes of the Great Barrier Reef display, Australian Billabongs, touch tanks and simulator rides to thrill each and everyone one.

This wondrous location offers an array of function spaces to host functions along while in the company of marvellous sea creatures. Whether it is the Fishbowl or the Coral Atoll, or even the entire aquarium, guests are sure to experience an event like no other.

Taking visitors to a land like no other, the Melbourne Aquarium and its Underwater Zoo truly offers a marine wonderland to indulge on while in Melbourne. With serviced apartments such as the Somerset Gordon Place, indulge in the comfort and warmth of staying in Melbourne serviced residence catering to all your needs and wants and visit the many attractions nearby.