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There are two types of crocodiles that can be kept as pets. Fresh water and salt water. Crocodiles are in their own right vicious predators and are known to attack humans, more especially, when threatened. A crocodile bite could send one to the hospital for months, and could even lead to death. Those willing to breed this reptile should establish a secluded area where a pond is to be constructed. Though not affected by enclosures, there should be the establishment of one to prevent the animal from escaping. However, they are also supposed to be handled humanely.

A bask of crocodiles
A bask of crocodiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In encouraging crocodiles to hunt, live food such as fish and insects may be placed in their ponds. Those aside crocs do feed on frozen food, frogs, and moths. Their diet should however not contain chicken meat. Crocodiles longer than sixty centimeters are not allowed in some states as their special requirements increase as they grow, such that they may easily turn to be a bother and burden to the owner.

The pet owner should always make sure that proper vet services are always observed to keep the crocodiles in good shape and that children should never be allowed anywhere near the pond unaccompanied. Care should also be exercised when feeding the animals since a slight miscalculation could easily turn the pet's owner into prey. When handling the crocodiles, a plastic band should be placed at the snout to avoid biting. It is not a must that crocodiles thrive in moving water as they can thrive in stagnant waters.