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The Fun of Owning Paradise Fish

Paradis Fish - Photo: Wikipedia
Paradise Fish are some of the easiest and most durable fish that you can buy for your home aquarium. They're enjoyable and attractive to the eye, with the males being a bright hue of oranges and reds. Females tend to be a little bit duller but are exciting none the less. These fish are related to the Beta and fighting fish family, so there are a few key things you need to know about keeping them and having a thriving home aquarium. Home aquariums are perfect for the animal lover who doesn't have time for a dog or cat, and they're beautiful and attractive to the eye.

Male paradise fish can be aggressive, and they have a tendency to attack other fish that are smaller than them or resemble female paradise fish. To keep your fish happy and functioning, then don't put any smaller, more timid fish in a tank with paradise fish. There should only be one male in a tank because they will fight for the dominant position; there's a real possibility one could kill the other. If you place a female fish in with a male fish, make sure there are a cave and lots of hiding places for the female to escape the violence of a male fish. They can be put in the same tank though.

When setting up your aquarium for your Paradise Fish, you should know these things. Make sure that you have floating plants to diminish the light that comes in, and males like to make nests in the foliage. These fish can breathe oxygen, so they shouldn't be in an aquarium larger than 10 gallons and make sure there are numerous hiding places (caves and rocks) for female paradise fish. These fish are also "jumpers" so make sure that you have a secure lid on the tank.

During the mating season, male fish will be nicer to female fish. But once the eggs are fertilized, the male guards the eggs and will become extra violent. Female fish should be removed from the aquarium as soon as she is finished laying her eggs. Once the eggs have hatched and the fry is free swimming the male should also be removed from the breeding tank.

When it comes to feeding your paradise fish, this can be really fun and exciting. Since these fish are jumpers, if you hold a piece of food in the tips of your fingers and hold it above the water, the fish will jump up and take the food from your tips. These fish are fun and creative and are extremely beautiful to look at. They're a lot of fun, and extremely easy to take care of.

Dustin Williams is a hobbyist who has kept aquarium fish for several years. He has learned much about keeping freshwater aquarium fish from books, and personal experience. For more information on Paradise Fish please visit
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