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RED PEACOCK CICHLIDS - An Overview in Breeding

The Red Peacock Cichlids like water that is somewhat alkaline (a pH of around 7.8-8.0). The temperature in the tank should be kept between 74 and 82F. Consistency is key for the Red Peacock Cichlid; they do not take kindly to constant fluctuations in temperature and pH levels.

While the female Red Peacock Cichlid prefers to live in groups, the male is a bit of a loner. For breeding purposes, there should be a ratio of one male per two females. The male will "peacock" himself to draw the attention of the female and once she consents he will take her back to his cave. There they will dance, the female dropping the eggs and the male fertilizing them. After fertilization, the female will carry the eggs in her mouth for 2 weeks until they are ready to hatch. Females may hatch anywhere from 12 to 50 young, depending on her size.

These cichlids are mouth brooders and while the female is carrying the eggs in her mouth, she will not eat and will grow weak as a result. During this time, it is vital that she has plenty of hiding spaces to escape a male chasing her. It is also a good idea to provide her a recovery tank after the young hatch and she will soon regain her strength. She may spawn as often as every 8 weeks.

Red Peacock Cichlids will interbreed with other species, so keep them separated if you don't want crossbreeds. As for tank mates, species of medium size with similar temperament should be chosen. Do not place a Red Peacock Cichlid in the same tank with aggressive breeds.