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Preparing For a BETTA FISH

Getting ready for a pet is the busiest time of owning it. To get started, make sure you have a good supply of funds, and will be able to afford all the things to care for the needs of you new pet. You will also need to make sure you have time to care for and bond with your pet. Many people do not think you can bond with fish, but they are a very special type of pet that can live in a rather smaller size area, and still provide the companionship you need in a lonely or busy life. And do not hesitate to talk to your fish. They will listen, and not talk back or interrupt. Pets are also proven to be a health benefit.

English: Betta Splendens fish with his bubblen...
Betta Splendens fish with his bubblenest just prior to a water change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is a tropical beauty native to Thialand. They naturally live in rice patties. Though these are rather shallow, they are hundreds of mile wide, and one fish can live in up to 100 gallons.

When you head to the pet store, be sure to pick up these things for your new Betta tank:

  • Tank, no smaller than 5 gallons, preferably with a lid, and no vases.
  • Tank stand, this is if you do not have anywhere to place your new aquarium.
  • Filter, this will help you keep your tank water clean longer.
  • Heater, Bettas are tropical and NEED heaters, get one that is adjustable.
  • Silk or live aquarium plants, (FRESH WATER ONLY!)
  • Other decor, be sure none of the things you put in are sharp enough to tear pantyhose or come from saltwater tanks.
  • Aquarium gravel, if you like.
  • Fish food. NOT FREEZE DRIED! Variety is better, and Bettas do not really like flakes, pellets are OK, but blood worms, brine shrimp, etc. are better for mimicking the natural habitat of a Betta fish.
  • Water conditioner. This is good for tap water especially, but it is still recommended for well or fountain water.
When you have your supplies, you can put your tank together. Remove the tank from the box and place it were it will be standing. Make sure you are close to an outlet, where you will be powering your heater and filter from. (If you have a stand, put it together first.) Add the filter, heater and gravel, plants and decor. Fill the tank with water and add the instructed amount of water conditioner. Turn everything on and let it run overnight, you should be able to buy your fish the following day.
Have fun!