December 22 - 31, 2010
Aquarium Cleaning - Photo   by osseous 
It is easy to maintain your aquarium clean even without the help of experts. With the help of the tips discussed below on easy ways for aquarium maintenance (Dayton, OH), you do not require more than three hours to accomplish the task. This will not only make your fish tank look beautiful, but increase its lifespan. Do weekly water changes as recommended.

Do not make a mistake of feeding your fish on too much food as well as too often. Any excess feed will pollute the pond due to decomposition. The rule of the thumb is put a quantity that will ideally be consumed right away. In addition, you need to purchase appropriate feed for the fish and follow instructions on feeding.

Ensure you maintain an optimum amount of light intensity for the fish to survive. Therefore, do not allow excessive light intensity in the aquarium. This is because an excessive amount of light will stimulate the growth of algae. Too many algae will then decompose depriving fish of oxygen. Hence, you need 6 hours of light a day.

When cleaning the fish tank, remove 10-15 % of water and replace it with fresh tap water. The easiest way is to siphon water from a bucket into the tank. This will avoid spilling the water and messing up decorations and gravel. Fill the tank by placing the bucket full of water higher up and let the water flow by gravity into the fish tank. Do not fill the aquarium. Leave some space for the exchange of oxygen.

Remove undesirable phytoplankton. If you have any algae growing on the surface of the fish tank, use a scraper to remove on the glass before replacing the water. You may decide to use catfish to reduce the number of algae. However, keep in mind that catfish will not clear all the water plants apart from increasing more workload for your maintenance.

Check the temperature every day. It is critical to remember that saltwater fish live in a relatively narrow temperature range. A specialized heater bought at a pet store is used to raise the temperature. You need to maintain an optimum temperature in your pond. Therefore, get into the habit of checking the temperature of the aquarium regularly. This will prevent deaths that may result from the ecosystem due to extreme temperatures that are either too high or too low.

Where you have an unused aquarium, before use, rinse the tank with clean, warm, fresh water. Where there is grime build up on the glass using a mild detergent to clean. You may also use a window cleaner. However, ensure you rinse the tank thoroughly until all the soap is removed. This is because soap residues are harmful to fish and bacteria that is needed to keep the pond healthy and balanced by nitrification.

Cleaning your fish tank is easy and may not take a lot of time. Do not remove all the plants and decorations out of the fish tank. This will not only create extra work but will kill any beneficial bacteria, reducing the quality of your filtration. Remember the bacteria found in the pond forms part of the natural biological filter.

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