JACK DEMPSEY Cichlid - Knowing How And What to Feed?

Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Photo  by Nikonian Novice 
The Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) cichlid fry may be small but they will tend to sack up crushed flake food or even pulverized cichlid pellets. The first three days of their life they will only absorb the proteins from the food they sack. Even then these tiny creatures will nibble around at things possibly on some microorganisms.

I would prefer the use of an established tank since the good source of microorganisms and bacteria that are covering the gravel or even bare glass bottoms are found. Most beneficial bacteria found in an established aquarium are full of vitamins and minerals unlike in new set-up tanks they are barely present or none at all. Tiny white worms visible on tank glass are not likely to be found in new tanks.

However, even with established tanks, it is still essential to provide a bit of regular food after a few days but if ever the parents are still with the fry they will most likely take care of their young's for a few weeks. Parents will gladly take the food you give, chop it up and spill out tiny crumbs of it through their gills and mouth to their fry. How amazing it is to see both male and female cichlid participate in the feeding process.

But if keepers want to transfer the eggs without the parent's presence, then the aquarist job would be more difficult. When feeding, be certain to crush the food to a powdery form. Be wary that for the first ten days of their life is crucial and many will possibly die. After a week or so they would be large enough to be able to consume on newly hatched Artemia brine shrimp. Micro worms are also an excellent option but remember not to overfeed Jack Dempsey cichlid.

Feed the fry 5 times a day for the first 3 weeks, lesser than that will hinder growth or even weaken health and eventually perish. Remove any debris as soon as possible. Do not be weary to see a brood of 500 fries will end up to 200 in a matter of 4 weeks - this is the call of nature no matter how much care is bestowed on them.

The appropriate size for a nursery is 5 - 10-gallon aquarium for the first month in order to keep fry close to each other during feeding time. Water conditions are tolerable meaning not critical but the conditions of an established tank are important. It must have a temperature of 72 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH level of 6.5 - 7.2 is adequate for the fry. Maintain that consistency no matter what the parameter of an established tank is.

As they grow larger it is best to transfer them to a larger 20-gallon tank probably after 5 - 6 weeks. Imagine a 20-gallon tank with 150 to 200 Jack Dempsey cichlids, so I guess you have to figure out how to house the rest of them as they mature. It is also reasonable at this time to move back the parents to their original tank.

As the Jack Dempsey cichlid matures larger types of food may also be fed. Find out more about the proper feeding of the mature cichlids.

    Lacey Bryant is a cichlid enthusiast and author, who has been caring for cichlids for over 15 years. She has been breeding Cichlids for years and it has become her passion to share her knowledge about their proper care.
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