What Does it Take to Artificially Raise a DISCUS Fry?

English: An adult discus with two of its young...

Discus are like the kings and queens of the tropical fish world. With so many colors, it's no wonder. They are very sensitive fish, so being able to raise them and keep them thriving is a great feeling and ego booster at that!

Unfortunately, in the course of breeding, sometimes the fry have to be artificially raised for one reason or another. Maybe the parents stopped taking care of the eggs or maybe due to stress they started eating them (gasp!). Or perhaps the discus fry are already free swimming, but the parents aren't taking care of them and aren't letting them eat their milk.

In cases like these, what can you do? What steps can you take to successfully raise them artificially?

1.Discus eggs and babies are very sensitive to changes in water quality, pH, and temperature. When changing the water, you have to make sure all parameters are the same as the water that is currently in the tank. As a best precaution, test all water going into the tank to make sure everything is the same.
2.You have keep the tank very clean which means all uneaten food must be siphoned out.
3.To remove the eggs, wait a couple hours before scooping them out with a container.
4.A tank should be prepared ahead of time to make sure the water is exactly the same as the water they will be coming from. This is the tank you will be moving the discus eggs to.
5.They should hatch within 48 hours and you should see tiny free swimming fry in 72 hours.
6.They need to be fed 4 to 5 times a day in very little amounts. The first few days, feed them with a liquid fry food. After that, start them on newly hatched brine shrimp. 
7.Keep their tank very clean, watch them grow, and increase their food and change it accordingly, and you should soon have a batch of tiny discus! 
8.As they grow, you will want to move them into bigger and better aquariums.
It takes time, but it is worth it in the end.

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