ANGELFISH Genetics - What is it All About?

Freshwater angelfish, Koi phenotype
Freshwater angelfish, Koi phenotype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In angelfish genetics, it is also about mutations, when those colorful and vivid patterns are inherited by a certain angel from its angel parents. For us to understand what angelfish genetics is about, it is now written in a standard form which makes it a lot easier to understand and to use as a reference for anyone who wants to start with angelfish pairing. There are now single phenotype genes of angels as well as some multiple gene-phenotype angels. Successful pairing up and breeding is just an outcome of understanding and knowing all the important terms and ways of angelfish genetics well.

Angelfish genetics, also stated that though there are a few solo phenotype gene left these days, there are still hundreds of phenotype genes being paired and breed together to create multiple phenotype genes of angelfish. By learning a lot about genetics, you will be able to understand how to pair up and breed the right species or genus of angels to get the right angel fry. By understanding and acquiring enough details, facts, and knowledge about genetics, anyone can start with their pairing up and angelfish breeding in no time with no problems at all.

Here are some of the angelfish genetics terms:

1. Gene - material in which the inherited traits are transmitted to the new hatchlings.
2. Allele - mutation variations.
3. Dose - designated by the allele.
4. Hybrid - angels traits from two different alleles.
5. Recessive - different alleles
6. Phenotype - physical trait.
7. genotype - written genetic makeup.
8. expressivity - range of phenotype.

These are just some of the genetics being discussed and written down. Anyone who wishes to start pairing up and breeding these beauties should understand and recognize all the terms and definitions about genetic first. Anyone who is interested to begin breeding angelfish, they should get themselves familiar first with angelfish genetics to attain successful angelfish pairing. By pairing up tow different mutation of angelfish, you must be sure that there are no defects or any health problems that your angelfish is experiencing or else the mutation process or genetics will fail.

In genetics, any angels will inherit one or two traits, behavior, characteristic and description from its maternal and paternal genes. When pairing up different angelfish genus and species, you will get a beautiful result just make sure that you will have enough knowledge about pairing the right genes and species in order to have a flourishing result. When we talked about genetics, it explains the type of species or genus an angelfish has. Angelfish genetics also tackles the inherited traits, characteristics, behaviors and description of a certain angelfish from its parent's angelfish.

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