GOURAMIS Add Color to Your Tropical Aquarium

Gourami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The neon blue dwarf Gourami is a great addition for any bland fish tank. The blue dwarf is a beautiful fish and adds "flavor" to your tank. These fish can grow up to 6 inches. The Kissing Gourami gets up to a foot long and the Giant Gourami scores a whopping two feet in length. These larger fish look nice with other tropical fish.

Neon Dwarf Fish are a bit larger fish for aquariums so be sure to provide a larger tank for your fish to swim around in. Gourami Fish tend to loiter in the middle and top sections of the fish tank. What kind of fish is perfect for your aquarium? Hmm... Any Gourami is a nice addition to your fish tank but remember to have 1 Male per tank. Adding more than one male will create a hostile and aggressive environment as the males compete for food and space. Male gouramis are identified with longer pointed dorsal and anal fins and are very active fish.

Other Types of Gourami's consist of the Giant, Pearl, Blue, Moonlight, Dwarf, Kissing, Chocolate, Thicklip and Paradise gourami. There are quite a few choices to add to your aquarium.

They are tropical fish so a tropical diet is crucial for their diet. Tropical Flakes or pellet fish food are great for these Omnivores. Vegetables like peas, zucchini. Spirulina is a type of prepared food that has algae in the mix is good to have for your Thicklip too. bloodworms, tubifex worms larvae are a great source of protein for your Moonlight fish, be sure to feed your neon dwarf Gourami twice a day.

Good companions would be the Angelfish, Discus, and other non-aggressive fish. It's important to keep fish that get along well together in the aquarium. Remember to add 1 to 3 new fish to your aquarium at a time so the planted fish will be able to adjust to the amount of traffic in the tank. Adequate space in the water is important too. Keeping your fish tank balanced with objects, fish and the right water will help your fish and supplies last longer with minimal stress on you and your pet fish.

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