AQUARIUM PLANTS: Importance of natural plants Part 1

A small amateur aquarium – tank for 100 liters.
A small amateur aquarium – tank for 100 liters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Use of aquarium plants in a modern-day aquarium is very important but some people don’t really value the importance, thus they are still using plastic plants. Today I will discuss the importance of having natural aquarium plants.

Natural aquarium plants among others help to….

  • Aids fish breathing and as a result the aquarium can thrive comfortably without the use of artificial aeration and electric light! 

  • Reduction of the toxic carbon-dioxide level (Co2 level) which happens to be a critical factor causing constant fish deaths. The plants use up the Co2 in the process of food formation. The nature of the carbon dioxide gas is such that, once it is produced inside the water (e.g. by the fish), it stays put in the aquarium no matter the amount of aeration, because the Co2 gas is about three times more miscible with water than oxygen. The resultant effect of this is that there is a gradual build-up of this waste gas leading eventually to suffocating of the fish unless there is a practical or complete removal of the aquarium water which could be rather cumbersome.

  • Natural aquarium plants also serve the most important functions of CONVERTING WASTE into harmless and useful products. In this way, they generate a self-recycling process (the NITROGEN CYCLE) that automatically converts the waste produced by the fish and the excess food into fertilizer which the plants utilize for rapid growth.
  • They hidding and spawning areas for fish.

  • Natural plants in aquarium shelters aquatic insects.

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