AQUARIUM PLANTS: Importance of natural plants Part 2

This image shows a Parrotfeather (Myriophyllum...
This image shows a Parrotfeather (Myriophyllum aquaticum). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Follows are other importance of using natural plants in modern aquarium…

·         The first obvious importance lies in the value of DECORATOR for the aquarium. A thickly planted aquarium needs no plastic or paper background (as is common with most aquariums around the country). Since the real stuff is right there in your tank, an aquarium would look rather bare without the addition of plants much like a soccer pitch without grass!

·         Natural Aquarium plants also serve as food (mineral) SUPPLEMENT for fishes that require occasional variety to their monotonous flake meals. They also serve as CONDITIONER AND INDICATOR of water quality. Many plants, especially the Myriophyllum special water milfoils break into pieces when hard water is added into the tank, this could be an indication of the unsuitability of the water for fishes.

·         Many large leafed plants help reduce the need for cleaning the aquarium front glass because of their role as INHIBITORS to the growth of the smaller plants especially the green and brown algae by shading, thus starving them and reducing their proliferation on the front glass. The large leafed plants also provide shelter and hiding places for the smaller and less aggressive fishes.

·         Egg-laying fishes can only spawn when there is a spawning medium in form of a bunch of feathery plants.

·         On the whole, plants provide a SECURITY FACTOR which is one vital attribute of fish looks out for before setting in as pets in your aquarium. They prefer a place that looks more like “home” to them.

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